Pinca bread

going to try this

Recipes by chefkreso

I know it’s not Easter, but I really love this recipe. In Croatia families usually among all the other food, because we really like to eat, serve Pinca bread. It’s sweet and soft bread with raisins in it, or if you prefer without them. It’s usually served with cooked Easter eggs, onions, radishes, cooked ham and a salad we all call French salad, even though it has nothing to do with France and maybe more to do with Russia. Easter for my family is just a day when we all get together and have dinner, for me it’s like a Sunday dinner with a lot of food and chaos in the house with my brother’s and sister’s family over.

Just out of curiosity I know that there are many of you reading from all over the world, so if you have a chance tell me what would you serve for…

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