Chorizo, Sweet Potato and Feta Empanadas with a Mango Avocado Salsa

great looking nrecipe thanks for sharing

Wish to Dish

Hello, hello, hello just a quick post from me today to share my recipe for these empanadas!


Empanadas originate from Spain and are a pastry or bread that is folded up and stuffed with a variety of meat, cheese or vegetables. I have combined some of the best ingredients from both Spain (chorizo and paprika) and Mexico (lime and coriander) in this recipe today and served it up with a sweet and creamy salsa and a garlic yogurt to give a little extra punch of flavour on the side! You can obviously choose not to make these accompaniments as the empanadas are just as delicious on their own and would make for a perfect easy canape or lunch box filler. These can also be adapted for vegetarians simply by excluding the chorizo but I would suggest adding a tsp more paprika to give a little more infusion of that delcious…

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