Skumbria – Fish in tomato sauce

Skumbria – Fish in tomato sauce

From Silvi Verder:

Eneri Taul’s mother taught me how to make skumbria one summer when I worked as a “mother’s helper” looking after Kairi & Vaiki (Rein was there too, but he was older) in their home in the 70s.
It’s really easy and my favorite version of skumbria.

For the fish, choose something that doesn’t fall apart easily. Whitefish is often used, but I’ve even made it with ocean perch.

Cut the fish into little pieces (whatever size you like).
Dip the fish in egg & coat with flour. (I then put them on wax paper as I finish the rest of the fish)
Fry the fish in oil.

For the dressing, use Kraft Catalina dressing & a small tin of tomato paste.
Fry up some onion slices (thin is best)
add a couple of bay leaves if you like (don’t need this, but some people like it) & some black pepper.

Mix it all up and stir it (gently) into the fish, which is now in a bowl.

and… ENJOY!!!!!!! I LOVE this stuff!!!

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