Dessert Burritos Recipe

Dessert Burritos Recipe

aluminum foil
pie filling – blueberry, cherry, apple, …
chocolate chips
peanut butter
This dessert has become our favorite.
It is Sweeeeeeeeeet, easy, has very little clean-up, and doesn’t get hands really messy if a little care is used.
Open the cans and put a spoon in each one.
Tear off squares of aluminum foil.
Put a tortilla on the square of foil.
Add peanut butter or pie filling.
Sprinkle with chocolate chips and/or marshmallows.
Roll up the tortilla and fold the bottom edge in.
Wrap foil around tortilla and place on grill above fire or on ash around edge of fire.
Wait for the ingredients to melt.


Main problem is putting too much stuff in the burrito – try to talk people into taking smaller amounts.
Put all the tortillas in a foil wrap and carefully heat them before so they are more flexible.
Putting tortillas directly into the coals will burn them – keep them away and rotate often.
Each person should mark his burrito wrapper somehow so he knows it is his – special foil fold or permanent marker or series of poked holes in the foil.

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